Amazon Affiliate Program Review 2015

Once we start blogging without relying only on adsense you need to experience multiple stream of income. One of the income opportunity is affiliate marketing. If you are blogger from India you have several affiliate programs which is being run by majority of shopping sites providing a way to make money online.

Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the notable one and there are several other people earning good amount of money with Amazon. As amazon is a trusted site and used by billions of people everyday you can certainly increase your revenue to a great extent.

Affiliate marketing is far better than comparing to running  adnetworks on your blogs because with adnetworks you need to wait a lot of time to reach your payout and get paid. You need lot of unique visitors to your blog/website to increase your ad revenue. But with affiliate marketing like Amazon it is very simple to earn money and you get paid quick.

How To Join Amazon Affiliate Program?

To join Amazon Affiliate Program, You just need to go to their affiliate sign up link and you need to enter the required details they claim for to add you as their associate.

Amazon pays up to 15% of sale amount so there is always a chance to make big money with them.

Step 1:

  1. Go To Amazon Associates site
  2. Click “Join Now”
  3. Enter Your Email Address

Amazon signinStep 2:

If you are a new customer then you will be taken to the registration page where you need to fill out the required information

amazon registration

Step 3:

Here you need to fill out the payee information as per the below screenshot

amazon payee

Step 4:

Here You need to fill out your Website profile information

amazon website

Step 5 :

Here you need to verify your identity

amazon identity


How much Money Can You Make with Amazon Affiliate Program?

Here are the commission rates you get for products on different categories. You can decide on how much money you can make by viewing the commission percentage of various categories

amazon commission

How To Earn More With Amazon Affiliate Program?

You can definetely earn good amount of money by choosing the products which have high commission rate as well as high demand in the market. You can really make good amount of money by advertising product related to your niche and also according to your visitors interest.

You can either insert the widgets or select the specific product with your affiliate ID in the parametric and start earning right away.

Amazon Affiliate Program – Payment Method and Payout Limit

  1. Amazon payout limit for India is INR 2500
  2. Payment schedule is 60 days after the end of each month
  3. Also you will not paid for the goods which are returned

Final Words

I guess you have gone through my above review about Amazon Affiliate Program. If think to monetize your traffic with affiliate programs then Amazon affiliate program is one of the good choice.

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