Best free Internal Linking Plugins for WordPress

Internal Link Building is one of the main aspects of SEO and its sure that we cannot ignore the importance of internal link building. Linking one post to another post is quietly referred as internal link building and this helps google and other search engines to index each post very fast and also SERP rank will be improved because of internal linking. However manually doing internal linking is very difficult and time consuming. So here come the use of plugins if you wordpress. Yes, really wordpress has many advantages and google loves wordpress blogs.

Internal Linkbuilding for wordpress
Internal Linkbuilding for wordpress

Why to Interlink Blog Post?

Interlinking has many advantages over SEO and I have listed below some benefits

  1. Internal Linking Plugin helps to boost SERP ranking.
  2. Increase Traffic and Pageview
  3. Increase Organic Traffic

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Five Best Internal Linking Plugins

1)In-text SEO

This is one of the free internal linking plugin for wordpress this plugin automatically create internal links with the related text which is available on your site. Internal linking is made easy with the help of this plugin.

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2)SEO Auto Links

This is also one of the free internal linking plugin for wordpress and this plugin will automatically link with the required URL what we given in the settings area. After downloading this plugin just enter the keywords with the required URL which you need to link. This is one of the effective interlink plugin and helps in saving our time.

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3)SEO Smart Links

SEO smart links helps to automatically link keywords in your posts. It allows you to link keywords with related set of matching URLs. You can also set no follow attribute and opens in new window. If you need to change any of the options you can edit the options from admin panel.

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4)Internal Link Manager

Internal Link Manager is a wordpress plugin which is easy to use throughout the website. It will create automatic links from your previously published posts.

5)SEO Internal Links

This plugin will provide automatic internal links to your site. There is also an option for making the link nofollow and this plugin will create a perfect list of keywords with respective links to your page.

Final Words

The above discussed are some of the best free interlinking plugins.This internal linking helps in the perception of SEO and helps to boost your SERP. If you use any other plugin please feel to share through comments.

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15 Comments on “Best free Internal Linking Plugins for WordPress”

  1. Hello Vani !

    Nice plugins, I love to compilation you have made, but I want to know something about In-text SEO plugin you mentioned above..

    Does the plugin work automatically like infolinks, taking relevant text and linking it to relevant post links. Do I need do any settings to it, or it just works like that.


    1. Hi DOK,

      Thanks for stopping by, Yes you need to add the relevant text and the corresponding links in the plugin settings then it would connect automatically for all post

  2. Hi Vani,
    Nice share. You have compiled a nice list of internal linking plugins in this post. My personal favorite is SEO Smart Links. I am using it on my blog.

  3. Hi ,
    great article about Internal Link Building. you shared a great information about this. i like all points. and i like best tools to check backlinks. anyway this is very useful for us. thanks for nice sharing.

  4. hi vani,
    I have never used a plugin for automatic internal linking, this is the first time I get information about it from you. All this time, I made the internal linking manually. Perhaps, I try to use one of it.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Hello Vani,
    It is good stopping by your blog and also contributing to the post at hand 🙂

    Now to the post; I am not an SEO expert or practice SEO so all mentioned plugins are strange to me.
    The in-text SEO sounds lovely… I definitely do a background check on the plugins that you’ve mentioned.

    Thank you for the lovely info dear friend. Do have a peaceful week ahead…

  6. The above listed Internal linking plugins seems to be nice but to be sincere i’ve never used any of them on my blog.

    I prefer using the manual method for using an automated plugin might make your links clustering, Which won’t be good for a healthy blog.

    This is just a personnal opnion but if your blog is wikipedia – you can go ahead and use

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