How To Disable Infolinks Ads in Specific Pages and Post

Infolinks is one among the alternatives of Google Adsense and many people are using the same for making money online. Infolinks is the good revenue generating opportunity for all level of site either may be big or small.One of the main advantage of using Infolink ads is it never take much advertising space as it is a intext advertising program. You can maximize the Infolinks revenue by following certain tips to optimize infolinks Intext ads. But still people including me dislike Infolink ads appearing in certain pages. So if you dislike it you can very well disable Infolinks ads from appearing in certain pages and post.

Turn off Infolinks

Turn-off Infolinks Ads in Certain Pages and Post

If you wish to earn money with the help of sponsored posts then you should definitely disable infolinks ads from appearing in your page where you have sponsored content. Its very easy to disable Infolink ads in a specific page than you think.

You just need to add a small piece of code


You have to add the above code in the required page where you would like to disable Infolink ads.

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Say suppose you does not want the Infolink ads to appear in About us page then you need to go to HTML page of your about us page and add the above code in the beginning of the page or post.You can check the below screenshot where I have added the code to disable Infolink ads in About me page. Likewise you can also control the appearance of Infolinks ads as how you wish.


Hope, Now you got a clear idea on how to turn on and off your Infolink ads. Just turn off the Infolinks ads in unnecessary places so that you will get more links enabled in your content area which helps you to maximize your Infolinks revenue.

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