How To Earn Money with Infolinks

We all know that Google Adsense is one of the top most platform to monetize your website as its CTC value is very high and in addition it has got quality advertisers. But many of them are not getting approved nowadays by adsense as the quality guidelines to get accepted are bit high compring to other adnetworks.  Also, a lot of adnetworks came into existence nowadays and you can monetize your website with not only adsense but also with other networks and Infolinks is one among them. Also in Infolinks your blog gets approved easily and you can start earning immediately. Also its compatible with adsense too. Infolinks do not take too much of advertising space as the ads are mostly in-text so Infolinks is a awesome way to earn money from your Blog.

Lets See how To Add Infolinks Ads to Your WordPress Blog

You can add Infolinks Ads in your wordpress blog in two ways

Method 1 :

Login to your Infolinks Account and select the platform either Joomla, WordPress , Blogger etc., and follow the respective methods to integrate the ads. Lets now check for WordPress.

infolink Screenshot

For WordPress users it is pretty easy to integrate the ads in your Blog. Simply download the plugin from the dashboard as shown in the screenshot and upload it and activate the plugin. After that just enter two Identification number WSID and PID that you can find in your dashboard.

Method 2 :

Just simply search for the plugin in your WordPress plugin area (i.e)you do not need to download the plugin from the dashboard. You can simply download like you do for other plugins and activate it. After that you add your respective ID numbers. Now you can find your ads live.

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Type of Infolinks Ads

1)InFold Ads

infold Ads

InFold ads are the best way to reach the exact need of your visitor. It appears above the fold. It always appears like a banner at the bottom of the screen. The visitor has the option to close it by clicking “X” on the upper right corner. As per Infolinks website, Infold ads are the better performing ads and they normally increase the revenue by ten times.

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Intext ads

InText Ads are the popular ones and these are the best part of Infolinks ads keeping the interface clean and neat. It detects relevant and high paying keywords automatically from your blog and it looks underlined you can choose either double underlined or single underlined. When a user moves a cursor over the underlined world then a small box opens up including text, images and a respective link in which the user can click on that. They are the effective Ad types an very popular among other Infolinks ad types.

3)InTag Ads


InTag ads are the Tag cloud linking to a specific advertisement. You can customize whether you need InTag to appear in top or bottom or both at top and bottom.

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4)InFrame Ads


InFrame appear on side margins as display adverstisements and hence increasing more revenue of your website. Only relevant ads appear in these type of ads.

Infolinks have a good support team to assist you for queries. Its payment options is paypal, Bankwire, Payoneer and westernunion. Its payment threshold is only $50 and it is easy to achieve. But you get paid only after 45 days after reaching the threshold limit.

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Final Words

Infolinks serves as a good alternative for adsense. There are several types of ads to monetize your websites and you can make good use of that. Kindly share your experience of Infolinks through comments section.

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