Effective Strategies to reduce the bounce rate of your blog

Search engine world has many quality metrics for a website or a blog among those bounce rate is also a quality metric that get jerked a lot by search engines. If you need to check how your visitor is behaving on your site then you should definitely have an eye on your bounce rate. If you find your bounce rate at a higher rate then you should deeply consider improving your website or a blog to reduce the same as high bounce is not good for a website. Higher bounce rate implies poor site performance so in this article I have discussed some efficient steps to reduce the bounce rate of your blog or a website

What is meant by bounce rate?

Actually the bounce rate is defined as the number of people entering the webpage and leaving from that very same webpage. Hopefully high bounce rate are not always a bad thing suppose if the visitor finds the enough information what he needs in that particular page then there is no need for the visitor to check other pages but on the other hand if the visitor does not find proper information on that particular page then he obviously need to exit from that particular page resulting in high bounce rate in such cases you need to try improving your website to reduce the bounce rate.

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Reduce Blog Bounce Rate

Tips To Reduce the blog bounce rate

1)Update your Content frequently with fresh ideas

Try updating your website or blog with fresh and unique contents. You might find your older posts appearing in search engine results but still updating them with fresh information what users might require will definitely give you good result regarding your bounce rate. You might considering out adding few examples to your content or you might also consider adding a case study. Always keep your content in short paragraphs as most of the users might feel comfortable in reading a article with short paragraphs.

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2)Multimedia Usage

Definitely video and audio get effective results regarding landing pages but still you should be very careful when using these medium as there is a chance that your blog bounce rate might increase because of the auto play action of video and audio content. On the other hand auto play action of video and audio might increase conversions as well so you should check what best suits you. Try experimenting with the video and audio content and check how your users react to the same so you can take action according to that.

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3)Site Loading Time

Site loading time is also a primary factor in increasing your site bounce rate. Suppose let me say if a visitor lands on your page and he finds that if a page takes more than 10 to 15 seconds to load then obviously the visitor might feel uncomfortable and he will leave the site immediately resulting in high bounce rate so try reducing your blog or website loading time.

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4)Call To Action Button

Try to input Call To Action Button wherever necessary. You must make sure that each landing page has proper call to action button.

5)Site Design

You should make sure that your website has clear design. Try to have an eye catching design that impress user and clear navigation. Also make sure your website design is compatible with all browsers.

6)Unnecessary Pop Ups

You should probably consider avoiding using pop ups in your website as pop ups might annoy users .In some cases pop ups give something worth to the webmaster but usually they are a great disturbance to users.


These tips will defintely reduce your blog bounce rate if used effectively. So make sure to follow the above discussed steps and reduce your blog bounce rate. Also feel free to share your thoughts through comments.

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12 Comments on “Effective Strategies to reduce the bounce rate of your blog”

  1. Hi Vani,
    these are great tip because I am also following these.
    I have some quetion in my mind.
    Please suggest me how many post are beneficial a day?
    are old post link with same anchor text are good or bad in new post?
    can I add older post link in every new post.

    1. Yes it is beneficial to link your older posts in your new posts becoz ur bounce rate will get reduced as the user will stay in your website for long time and your pageviews will get increase

  2. We all want to reduce the chance of getting higher bounce rates. Our effort just went into waste if this happen. We want our audience to interact longer with our blogs and we can’t deny the fact that that makes us happy and feel appreciated. Thanks for these amazing tips you shared. I’ll share this as well.

    1. Extraordinary sharing about Effective Strategies to lessen the bob rate of your website. Truly these are extraordinary tips . A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing pleasant data.

  3. Hello vani,
    Reducing bounce rate is the dream of every website owner and these are great tips with respect to how to reduce one’s bounce rate.

    Thanks and please do have a great!

  4. Hi, Vani

    This is my first visit to your website, and I’m so glad I came. 🙂

    Your article about effective strategies to reduce the bounce rate on a blog was spot on. I agreed with all of your points, and could definitely resonate with what you were sharing.

    I used to have a high bounce rate a few years ago, but have learned how to implement the strategies you’ve shared to get my bounce rate down. Now I can proudly say that my bounce rate is in the single digits, which is pretty rare.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable article, and I will be telling my friends.

    Talk to you soon,
    – Carol

  5. Reducing your bounce rate helps to boost your conversion rate. Once you understand that conversion architecture, you can develop a clear content strategy that will grow your business.

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