Flawless Techniques To optimize your ecommerce landing pages

After launching your ecommerce site one of the crucial factor which you need to take care to increase your revenue of your ecommerce site is to optimize your landing page. If you optimize your landing page well you are sure to increase your conversions effectively.

Online shoppers may lead to your website directly, searching for a product or through following a link. So, if you do not properly optimize your landing page well for conversion then the users may drive out of your website without converting as customers.

Everyone who have a ecommerce site will definetely have a landing page so having a landing page is not a big deal. But optimizing the landing page for more conversion becomes a great deal. Below are some of the strategic ways to optimize your landing page in better ways for more conversions

Stunning Navigation Menu

The main reason behind high bounce rate is due to poor navigation. Make sure you have eye­catchy and useful navigation which helps in reducing bounce rate. It is suggested to place navigation­bar which is very eye­catchy either horizontally on top or vertically on left

Search Box

Search box also plays a vital role helping your visitors to locate your products offered by your site and make sure your search box is wide spread everywhere. No proper positioning of your search box will drive out your customers as they couldn’t properly locate your product.

Do not use hidden navigation

You should never distract your users with hidden navigation as it might move your customer’s focus from which they are searching for so that there is a chance that they might turn out to be a frustrated customer. More navigation you provide will distract your users more and finally they will drive out from your site.

Modal Window Implementation

The landing page you deisgn may fight for the space as it might have different elements . If you implement modal window then your elements will float above the page by droping off large elements saving visitors time.

Enable Social Sharing

The world is going social so it is suggested to enable social sharing buttons on your landing page will help in boosting your conversions. One of the best choice for social media buzz are Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. These social networking platforms have the capablity on spreading the landing page viral.

Test it

Last but not least! Do a A/B testing and measure the performance and implement the best one. You should try incorporating different elements and choose the best one where you get better conversions.

Final Words

Considering above steps you will definetely increase the conversions. On a regular basis you need to test and redesign your landing page and understand which one works best for you.

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