Flipkart Affiliate Program Review – The Best Method To Make Money Online

Flipkart, one of the leader of ecommerce market in India. Flipkart formerly a site only for books later diversified into different product categories. Flipkart was founded by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal both were the former employees of Amazon.com.

Flipkart is a notable site for many electronic goods, video games, computer accessories, mobile and laptop accessories and many more. Flipkart also have a affiliate program where you can earn commissions by promoting their products. Many of them are earning a good amount of money by being a successful Flipkart affiliate by promoting their offers. This post is a complete review of Flipkart affiliate program explaining the steps to join their affiliate program and tips to earn money with the same.


How To Join Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Flipkart affiliate program is quite easy to join unlike other affiliate programs. Just go to their affiliate sign up link and create an account entering all your details.

After this, you can login to your affiliate account with the required login credentials and you will get several options like affiliate widgets, tools, reports etc., You can search for widgets of your choice and promote them in your blog/website.

Also you can search for specific products or a list of products and make a widget and promote them . You can also create banners of different sizes and length of your own choice and promote them in your blog or website.

Landing on to report section, it includes earning reports , payment reports, traffic and order reports. These tools helps you to easily find out your traffic statistics, impressions, conversions etc.,

How  To Promote Flipkart Products?

There are many options to promote their products such as banners, widgets, buttons, text links, featured deals etc, you can choose anything among these which suits your requirement and start promoting them in your website.

For example, if you have a technology blog you can promote many electronic products, gadgets, mobiles etc in various blog post. If you have a sports blog you should concentrate on promoting sports goods .  Likewise you can concentrate on various products based on the niche of your blog.

How much money can you make with Flipkart affiliate program?

There are many affiliate programs which provides better rate than Flipkart. But still flipkart can be considered for making some complementary passive income from it.

Money you make from affiliate programs are all depend upon your marketing strategies. Also it depends on the niche as well.Also the conversion from mobile app can get you better commission rates than web.

Just take a look at below screenshot to know about flipkart commissions

flipkart commissions

Payout limit and Payment Method

Flipkart pay their affiliates via gift voucher and Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT). If you opt for gift voucher then your amount should reach atleast Rs 250. If you select EFT then your amount should reach Rs 1000.

Also, Flipkart has 30 days return policies. So, your amount will be paid only after 30 days of the product been purchased through your affiliate link.

Eg, Your earnings for march 2015 freeze by the end of April 2015 and you will receive it by 15 th of May 2015.

Positives of Flipkart Affiliate Program

Very Easy To Join

A company where you can rely on

You have n number of products to promote

Ontime Payout

Commission rate is a decent one though not high

Negatives of Flipkart Affiliate Program

No support for affiliate. Customer support for affiliate is very bad

Cookies are valid only for first purchase which should be done within 24 hours of time

Tips To Make Good Money with Flipkart Affiliate

Best tips to make out a good money with Flipkart Affiliate program is,

  • Choose the best products which have good searches
  • Choosing a low cost product can bring you more sales
  • Plan a good marketing strategy to promote the products
  • Promote products which have high commission rates
  • Update your site with best offers and deals to get more sales

Over To You

Hope you got some info on Flipkart Affiliate program. If you are already an affiliate with Flipkart you can share your experiences with Flipkart through comments.

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