Get Paid To Write – Exclusive List Of Sites That Pay You To write Reviews

Everyone desires to earn quick money online. But when ever we decide about earning money online google adsense is the main source which everyone think about. But some of the bloggers fails to get approval or fails to make enough money with google. So, our next thought will be about google adsense alternatives and there are lot of alternatives available to adsense . Even though they cannot be comparable with Adsense they are good enough to make money to fill some of your expenditures. You know you can even make money with sponsored content which you host on your blog for advertisers. In this post I have made a compilation of some of the sponsored post sites that pays you to write reviews.

List of Sites that Pay you To Write Reviews



Payperpost is one of the best sponsored reviews sites that pays you to write reviews.  No no need to wait for your blog to get approved. As soon as you submit your blog you will receive notification about some of the available sponsored reviews related to your interest. You can either accept or decline it.

2)Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored Reviews is like a meeting spot for publishers and advertisers. This is a perfect platform for both of them so that each gets mutual benefits. The publisher’s blog which meets the advertisers requirement gets the chance of being selected .

3)Social Spark

Social Spark is launched by same group of payperpost.  This platform allows the advertiser to pick the bloggers where they can promote their services or products.


LinkWorth is another site which pay to write reviews. They have many advertisers who are ready to pay to blog about their services or products.


Payu2blog provide you a post to review on a weekly basis. Publishers will get paid every two weeks through paypal.They might take a approval time of 2-3 business days. You will receive variety of post on different niches you can either reject or take it.


Blogvertise is also a effective way to make money with sponsored reviews. Once if your blog is accepted then your blog might go for assignment queue . There is also an option to earn from display ads with this network.


In Reviewstream you are allowed to write review of anything you like. Their minimum payout rate is $50. They have variety of categories and you can write review of anything of your choice.


SoftwareJudge pay to write reviews about software listed in their site. You cannot simply submit a vague post. You need to write a honest review about the software . They pay up to $50 for a review.


Linkfromblog is also a site that pay you for writing reviews. They do not have minimum payout. This is the best option to earn quickly as they don’t have any minmum.


With Blogdistributor you can earn form your reviews and it is free to join. They have good advertiser base for providing you with good assignments.

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