How To Do Social Bookmarking For SEO

Many clients search for good SEO company to showcase their business online. Those SEO companies undergo many SEO techniques to bring good results to their clients. Linkbuilding is one of the important SEO tactics which has to be followed all the way.

Social bookmarking is one of the method in Linkbuilding and helps in increasing the traffic to your website/blog. Many tells that socialbookmarking is not effective after recent Google penguin/panda update but truly it is very effective if it is done properly. Only thing which has to be avoided is we should not create low quality links.

In this post I have discussed about how to do social bookmarking for SEO. The newbie bloggers who are new to the era of SEO, exclude this completely because of various reasons. But whatever the reason is social bookmarking should not be avoided as you can reap many benefits from it by doing it without affecting the quality and also you can increase the backlinks with social bookmarking sites.


What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is just like bookmarking where it can be saved to the web and can be easily shared by everyone at anytime anywhere. In other words , a social bookmark is a link that has to be post to social websites for others to find it.

Social bookmarking has the potential to reach wider audience and thereby create massive traffic to your blog or website.

Role Of Social Bookmarking in SEO

When you bookmark webpages in social bookmarking sites then you get backlinks which is one of the important factor for ranking in search engines.  Quality backlinks will definitely helps you to get a better position in search engines. Also, Socialbookmarking helps in increasing traffic to the site.

How To Do Social Bookmarking For SEO?

Social bookmarking is not a tough job and anyone can do it by just learning how to do it.

First Step is to collect the list of Popular Social bookmarking sites

Once you got the list ready you just need to follow below steps to get it done

1)Go to the link ( Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit etc.,)

2)In some of the sites you need to register and in some sites you can use your facebook account or twitter account for login.

3)Now, after signing in you need to check for terms like “bookmark a page”, “Add a page”, “Add link” etc,

If you take stumbleupon , you will get like below “ Add a Page”


4)Now after clicking that you will get a form to fill up about your website details, you just need to fill that up and click “ Add this page”


5)You are done with that

One thing you need to make sure while doing social bookmarking is you need not do social bookmarking blindly . Always you should place your link in quality bookmarking site only. Else your ranking might decrease if you do it wrong or if you place your links in low quality social bookmarking site.

There are many tips and strategies you need to follow in doing social bookmarking for better SEO.

Hope you like this blog post. Do post your comments below here.

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