How to Make a Blogger Blog comment dofollow

In my previous post I have discussed about making a wordpress blog comments dofollow. If you have missed my previous post then check this link “How to Make WordPress Blog Comments Dofollow“. Now for Blogspot users I am going to explain on how to make a Blogger blog comment dofollow.

Do follow blog comment

If you need to increase your traffic and backlinks then it is essential to make your blogger blog comments dofollow. I hope each blogger know the importance of backlinks. Almost all blogs and websites have a comment section enabled. In adition we know that leaving a comment in the comment section with the corresponding link will helps to boost the traffic of a  blog or a website. Inspite of giving much benefits, dofollow attribute also has its own negativity i.,e SPAMMERS. Normally dofollow comment enabled blogs also receives spam comments. So the Blog Admin have to spend more time in moderating the comment the blog receives. Blog Admin have to go through all the comments before publishing it.


Difference between Nofollow and Dofollow

A Nofollow link is nothing but the hyperlink with “rel=nofollow” embeded within it. If this “rel=nofollow” attribute is not present then that link is said to be dofollow.

Dofollow links are crawled and acknowledged by searchengines. Links with nofollow tags are ignored by searchengines.

Nowadays almost all blogging platforms have a comment section. But by default all comments section of a blog were nofollow. We have to manually change nofollow to dofollow. In Blogger we  can easily make the blogger  blog comment section dofollow.


Tips To Make Blogger Blog comment dofollow

Step 1:

Login to Blogger Blog

Step 2:

Go to Blogger Dashboard Edit Html Format template and search for below

<a expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’ rel=’nofollow’><></a>

                                     (Or )

You can also just type  rel=nofollow in the search box


Step 3:

Remove rel=nofollow from step 2

After removing rel=nofollow from step 2 it will look like this

<a expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’ ><></a>

Now this a dofollow link. So now all your blog comments will turn to a

dofollow one helping you to get more comments to your blogposts.


Step 4:

Click on Save template and you are done.

So now I hope you got an idea on how to make Blogger Blog comments dofollow. Kindly be aware of SPAM comments. You should take some time to check out the comments before publishing it on your blogs.



You can really enjoy high volume of traffic and backlinks with the help of this dofollow comment section. Just Implement the same in your blog and enjoy the traffic. Just feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

Wish you Good Luck!

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  1. Nice tutorial Vani,

    Actually I know this method which I’ve learned few months ago from other blog however do-follow comments can help in getting good PageRank.

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