How to make WordPress Blog comments Do-follow

We all know that Do-follow is one of the most important factor to get high google pagerank . Actually Dofollow links are always visible in google hence dofollow links are considered as most important factor in determining a google pagerank of a blog. Always while commenting in others blog try to check whether the blog is nofollow or dofollow. Blog commenting in dofollow blogs always increases the chances of getting more dofollow backlinks and this helps the chances of your target keyword position on top of google and other searchengines too. In this post let us discuss about how to make wordpress Blog comments Dofollow. Are you a Blogger user Then Click below to see how to make Blogger Blog Do Follow

Make WordPress Blog Comments Do Follow


By default WordPress always use nofollow attribute which tells search engine not to follow the link so now it is important to learn about the benefits of Dofollow attibute before knowing the tips on how to make wordpress Blog comments Dofollow

Benefits of Dofollow Attribute

  • First and Foremost advantage of Dofollo attribute is you can attract more comments to your blog. Always People prefer dofollow blogs for commenting to increase their backlinks. So you can definetely get more comments to our blog this can also increase your pageviews.
  • You can surely get huge traffic and you can increase your backlinks as your blog might get listed in top 100 Dofollow blog directories.
  • Dofollow links will be easily crawled and listed by google providing a link juice

Steps to Make WordPress Blog Comments Dofollow

Actually it is dead easy to make wordpress blog a dofollow one. WordPress have free plugins to make this job easy. One of them is Dofollow Plugin. Below is the step by step information on making a wordpress blog dofollow

  • Login to the Admin panel of your wordpress blog
  • Scroll down to plugins page and search for dofollow plugin
  • Install the dofollow plugin and activate the same

Now your WordPress blog comments should be dofollow. Now the Final step is to confirm your blog is dofollow. If you are not sure on this check this post to confirm your blog is a dofollow blog.“How to check a blog if it is dofollow or nofollow”

If you have not followed the above steps of making a wordpress blog dofollow then it is time to make the comments dofollow. After making this change you can find a diffence in traffic, backlinks and number of comments to your post.

Happy Blogging!

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2 Comments on “How to make WordPress Blog comments Do-follow”

  1. Hello Vani,
    You are right. If we have dofollow commetn secton, we can get lots of comment and reader. more reader mean more earning. and I am using Nodofollow ad-ons to check whether specific blog have dofollow comment system or nofollow. and currently you are using dofollow comment section but I have a question in my mind.
    Is there any disadvantage if we have dofollow comment section in our blog?

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