“Lose weight without dieting” – Best Android App To Lose Weight

As age passes many of us put extra pounds and we feel very bad about these extra pounds so later our main aim is to shed the extra pounds. Millions of people need to compulsorily follow the diet t attain their goal. Apart from diet a regular exercise is also necessary to shed the extra pounds. But the question is do we all find enough time to do these activities??. Obviously No. Most of us do not have proper time to do regular work outs and even most of us will miss to follow the proper diet plan many times. So, here comes the solution for this. How about downloading the app in your mobile which helps you to shed your extra pounds??

Yes, The app can make you to follow a proper workout routine and also helps you to track out the proper diet plan. The app “Lose weight without dieting” which is developed by Russian based startup helps you to attain your desired goal by making you to follow a proper diet plan. Also, the app helps you to follow your exercise routine without missing it.


Advantages of Using “Lose weight without dieting” App

  • This app easily helps you to attain a healthy lifestyle
  • The app has many unique features comparing to any other weight loss diet app
  • The users are eligible to get bonuses provided they follow the recommendations that is sent by the app such as eating healthy food and doing regular exercises.
  • The app also has the nutritional program in which it will schedule an automatic update of exercise routine and food intake of next one week.
  • There are several nutritional program including dukan diet, vegetarian etc., you can choose from the variety of available nutritional program.
  • The app can be used across devices including phone and tablets.

Features At A Glance:

  • The app includes excise and nutritional diary
  • Daily Calorie calculator
  • Protein and Fat calculator
  • Carbohydrate Calculator
  • Meal reminder
  • It allows you to take a photo of your meal and you can record it in a diary

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One Comment on ““Lose weight without dieting” – Best Android App To Lose Weight”

  1. there are a lot of apps for weight lose like :
    Diet Assistant – Weight Loss
    Ideal Weight
    Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
    Lose It!
    Weight Watchers Mobile
    Diet Point – Weight Loss
    Noom Weight
    and more

    thank you for this article

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