On-Page SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogs

I hope everyone understands about the Importance of Search Engine Optimization techniques to get high search engine rankings for our blogs. Unless we optimize our Blog for Search Engines it is impossible to drive high results from search engine traffic. In this post I am going to explain my readers about On-Page SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogs. The below On-Page Optimization tips helps bloggers who do not know Search Engine Optimization. Remember any minute mistake of search engine optimization techniques can prevent search engines from crawling your website. So be careful when optimizing your blog/website. The On-Page Optimization techniques which I shared below are exclusively for Blogspot Blogs and not for WordPress Blogs. Because in WordPress Blogs there are many Plugins available for the purpose of SEO like “All in one SEO Pack”,”Yoast” etc., but in Blogspot blogs there are no plugins and we need to manually optimize the Blog for SEO.

onpage SEO Tips for Blogspot BLogs

Basic On-Page Optimization Tips for Blogspot Blogs:

Read  the below tips carefully on optimizing your Blogspot Blogs and Implement the same to your Blog. You can definitely  get high traffic from Google and other Search Engines if you follow these tips in a correct way.  

1)Robot Header Tag Customization

Every websites have a text file in the name of robots.txt to tell search engine crawlers about accessing the specific pages of a website. The pages which are included in Robot.txt will not be indexed in Search Engines. Whenever Google Crawls your site it first crawls the robot.txt file and check for any exclusion before indexing your webpages. By this way you can protect your blog from any issues regarding duplicate content.   

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2)Image Optimization for Better SEO

Don’t forget to add relevant Images to your Blogspot blogs as Images are also the great source of traffic. Besides enhancing the look of the Blog posts it also helps in driving extra traffic to our Blog post through search engines. Simply place the “alt tag” and “title tag” in Image Properties. You are guaranteed to get extra traffic both from web and Image search results.    

3) Blog Post title Optimization

I have already discussed about Optimizing Blogspot Blog Post title for better search engine results. If you do this you can significantly find some improvements in your Organic Traffic results. Blogger Templates in default have the blog title followed by blog post title. So After Optimizing you will have the Blog Post title followed by Blog title and it is well explained in “11 Top Killer SEO Tips For Blogspot Blogs”  

4)Internal Linking Blog Posts

Remember if your Blog need to rank well on search engines internal linking is a must. Internal linking besides helping your blog with high pageviews they also helps your blog to rank high in search engine results. You definitely need to interlink one blogpost to other to grab attention from your readers to all post else there is a chance that your post might go unnoticed.    

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5)Loading  Time of Your Blog

Search Engines prefer only fast loading Blog. So if you have a blog which loads very fast you can get high rankings in search engines. Moreover your visitors will not be interested if you have a blog which loads very slow. So concentrate on your blog loading time and try to reduce the same.

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6)Google Webmaster Tools

Now its time to submit your blog to google webmaster tools as it is such an excellent tool which helps you with broken links, HTML improvements , duplicate content issue and many others. The above are some of the basic On-Page SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogs which you have to follow. If at all if you have any further On-page SEO tips for blogspot blogs you can share it through comments.  Hope these tips helps you to get high traffic of your Blogspot blog . Kindly subscribe to our Blog post to receive further updates.

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