Powerful Techniques To Improve Your Domain Authority of Your Blog/Website

Domain Authority is one of the website comparative metric which is been developed by MOZ . The higher your domain authority your site is likely to rank well in search engines.

One of the important task of bloggers/webmasters is too attract high number of quality traffic to their website and this can be achieved by improving your website’s domain authority.

Domain Authority have a huge impact on search result page rankings and content marketing. It usually rank between 0-100. It is mandatory to know about your website domain authority and should concentrate more on increasing your domain authority in order to yield good results from search engines.

Increase domain Authority

Many of the bloggers who are new to internet marketing world do not care about their website domain authority and do not mind to increase the same. So, I wrote this post about powerful techniques to improve domain authority in order to help them so that they attain more benefits from search engines.

What is meant by Domain Authority?

“Domain Authority” the term is been developed by Moz(SEOMoz) and it is a website metric they give for every website based on various factors. It ranks between 0-100 as 0 being the lower and 100 being the highest.

If your site ranks more than 35, then it can get then it will have some authority on search engines. This metric shows number of root domains which links to your website for different pages.

Usually a domain authority is calculated using certain factors such as your backlink quality,number of links connected from different pages, root domains, your domain age etc.,

Tools To Check Domain Authority Of Your Blog

Below are the three main tools to check your domain authority

  • Open Site Explorer
  • Mozbar
  • Moonsy.com

How to Improve Your Domain Authority Of Your Blog?

Below given are the five main techniques to improve your domain authority if your blog fast.

Step #1 : Deep Linking

Deep linking is one of the main factor in improving your domain authority of your blog.Deep linking is one of the best sign of an authoritative website. Make sure that all your webpage are interlinked with eachother. Interlinking provides lot of benefits apart from improving your domain authority.

Interlinking provides benefit not only for the users but also for the search engines. Interlinkg helps search engines to easily crawl your webpages. Interlinking helps you to build a strong social domain authority.

Step #2: Quality Content

Writing quality content definitely helps to increase your domain authority of your blog as if you write quality content people will likely to link to it and this paves the way for linking to many webpages naturally.

Apart from writing quality content you must spend some of your time in promoting your content. You must be having some powerful quality article but whats the use if people didn’t know about it. So, you should let people know about your quality article.

Step #3: Remove bad backlinks

Removing your bad or toxic badlinks helps you to overcome any alogithm penalty. You will definitely see some improvement in cleaning your toxic badlinks.

When it comes to increasing your domain authority the quality of the backlink which links to your site also matters. So, it is mandatory to regularly check the quality of your backlinks and remove the toxic one.

Step #4: Obtain Link From Various Other Domains(Link Diversity)

If you are keen to improve your domain authority you need to concentrate on increasing your number of backlinks from different quality sites.

Links from the same domain will does not help you to increase your domain. Obtain links from various other different domains to improve your domain authority fast.

Step #5: Allow Your domain to get old

Your Domain age is also one of the factor in improving your domain authority. Just be patient and do all the above work in a routine manner.

You will definitely see improvement in your domain authority over your domain age passes by.

Over To You

The above are some of the tips I follow to increase my domain authority. You can suggest your points or you can suggest the way you follow to improve domain authority if you found something I am missing in my post. Also feel free to share this post across your social channels.

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  1. Hi,
    Domain Authority is one of the factor to get our domain get high quality. It comes from number of quality backlinks our domain and its pages. Nature of linking is two different type no-follow and do-follow. We focus on do-follow links gets from various authority domains definitely improve our domain authority. Nice post. keep it up…

  2. Hello vani,

    Its really great to read awesome tips to improve DA and I was working to improve my blog DA and I’ll implement this tips.


  3. Yes right, I agree with these all points. In traditional language people call “customer is king” and in online world, we call “content is king”.

    Therefore we can say “content is the greatest asset for any website”.

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