Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic to your old blog posts

Bloggers are always busy in publishing and marketing new blog posts but we should also remember tracking the performance of old posts and marketing the old posts is equally important. Many of us lack time to check the performance of old blog posts but do remember even old blog post can drive high volume of traffic too if we take little care to promote the old blog posts consistently. We write lot of contents and as time passes our old blog posts go without noticed and lose their rankings so in this blog post I have tried some powerful tips to drive traffic to your old blog posts.

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How To Bring Traffic To Your Old Blog Posts?

1)Target Search Engines

We know that we are not here to write content just for the sake of search engines but for humans Yes that’s very true do not completely concentrate on search engines. But you can concentrate on certain parts where you can target search engines.  Because whatever marketing strategies you follow search engines are the one where you get long term traffic so try to target search engines to get that done. Do a keyword research before selecting a blogposts. Write Good Blog post title and Meta description including your keywords to get quick rankings in search engines and to get long term traffic. If you follow this your old blog posts gets indexed and get lot of traffic through search engines.

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2)Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Old contents

Twitter is a efficient way to drive traffic to your old blog posts.Through Twitter you can tweet both your new and old blog posts. You should also mind that you should never over do it because your followers might get bored. So, make sure that you schedule tweeting your old blog posts. For this, tools like Bufferapp and hootsuite might help. For automatic posting in your twitter timeline there are various plugins available including revive old post plugin and Tweet old post plugin.

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3)Use Facebook To Drive Drive Traffic To Old contents

You can also use Facebook to use drive traffic to your old blog posts.  You can join in many relevant groups and try promoting your content. Try creating a facebook fan page and start sharing your content. Along sharing your new blog posts you can also share your old blog posts. You need to set a frequency among sharing your old blog posts else your audience will definitely get bored on seeing old content again and again. You can set a ratio 3:1 (ie) if you share 3 blog posts on your fan page then you can share one old posts.

4)Internal Linking To Drive Drive Traffic To Old contents

Internal linking is a great way to drive traffic to old blog posts. You can link you new blog posts through old blog posts with the right anchor text. This provides your audience about deep understanding of the news what you are delivering. You should use inter linking in all the blog posts so that your audience can view inner and inner pages which helps you in bringing more pageviews too. If you are a wordpress there are various plugins for interlinking including SEO autolinks, SEO smartlinks etc.,

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5)Roundup Posts

Another important thing to bring traffic to old blog posts is roundup posts. With the help of such round up posts you can easily link your old blog posts which you desire to get high traffic. But do not do this frequently you can schedule the roundup posts for once in a month. I don’t suggest for doing weekly roundup posts . Monthly roundup posts will do a better job than weekly round up posts.

Final Words

Hope I disclosed all my ideas to drive traffic to old blog posts. Trying the above ways you will definitely get exposure to your old blog posts. If you have any other ideas to drive traffic for old content then please feel free to share the same for our readers through commets.

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One Comment on “Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic to your old blog posts”

  1. Hi Vani,
    Definitely content is very important to drive good traffic to our blog daily. If content is good then readers will come back again to learn some thing new!
    We need to create high quality content. We should write content for readers of our blog not for search engines. Our main purpose is to engage our audience by providing valuable content.

    We need proper content promotion. It is not wise to sit back after creating content. We need to propte content various proper ways. And we shouldn’t forget about our old blog post.
    Making internal link is good to stay long time on blog.
    And roundup posts works greatly. It’s a good strategy!!

    However, i have also written some article about “increasing more traffic ” on my blog!

    Would love to see your valuable comment on my blog too! Will you Vino?

    Happy blogging!

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