Right Shopping Cart for your Ecommerce business

In order to build a better business you need to make a better decisions. You need to undergo a complete research and gather a complete data to make a correct decisions. If you run a ecommerce business the toughest part is the segemnt of choosing a right shoping cart software for your ecommerce business.You need to be very careful in choosing the shopping cart as it should suit your needs and requirements to your best. You may be searching the shopping cart solution for yourself or for your client in either case the task of choosing the right shopping cart solution will be overwhelming.

Shopping cart is the important element of your ecommerce store. One of the significant factor in increasing your sales volume of your ecommerce store is having a user friendly shopping cart. This post is dedicated to provide the tips on choosing the best shopping cart solution for your ecommerce business.


The first thing what you need to look after in your shopping cart is compatiblity. You need to look if your shopping cart is compatible with the payment gateway you are using for your ecommerce site.

Decide on Licensed or Hosted?

After deciding on the compatiblity of your shopping cart you need to decide on whether to go with Licensed or Hosted.

What is Licensed Shopping cart?

  • A licensed shopping cart is software you can purchase and host on your server by yourself .
  • You will be having full control and you can do your own customization

What is Hosted Shopping cart?

A Hosted shoping cart is yet another shopping cart option which is been provided by third party.

  • Low set up cost fast ecommerce store set up
  • More expensive as you will be paying high monthly fees
  • Shopper Friendly

You need to choose shopper friendly shopping cart. You need to have a clear navigation which is extremely shopper friendly. If a customer lands on your site and if he/she finds hard to find the necessary things to shop then obviously they are about to close your site and lands on other website to do the purchase . A shopper friendly shopping cart software is extremely important to prevent shopping cart abordment.

Features of the shopping cart

Your shopping cart should have easy search features allowing the customers to locate the product at ease.

  1. Interface should be very clear and appealing to your customers
  2. You need to manage product categories as well as manage orders so ensure you have modules as per your need
  3. Multiple payment options
  4. Multiple shipping options
  5. Email confirmations of order
  6. Secure Shopping
  • Whenever a shopper intend to shop online he/she looks for security as it is related to money transaction.
  • Never ever ignore the security as you can’t afford for this feature.
  • Ensure yourself twice or thrice that you have a secure software so that your customers are safe while buying your products.
  • You need to have security features like PCI/DSS or SSL certification so that your customer data will not be caught by a malicious third party.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support is very important. The support provided by shopping cart providers might vary from one provider to other. Some might give only email support where else some would give telephone support. Some might not even have customer support at all. It is up to you to decide about the customer support you need from your shopping cart provider. By keeping your needs and requirements in mind you can choose your shopping cart provider.


Whenever a customer lands on your page your interface should please then and should speaks about your crediblity.

The design is your brand. You should never purchase a crappy shopping cart as it is less priced.

There are more factors which have to be considered before looking at the price. If you need to make money you need to spend money.

Before looking at the price look at the features and if you find the features suits youre requirements then finally you can decide about the pricing. There are many affordable shopping cart solutions which provides you the required features you are looking.

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