Seven Best Free Tools To Check Backlinks

In Early days backlinks would be one of the factor for getting high pagerank and high rankings in search results page. But later, Google gave less importance to backlinks and gave priority to many other factors other than backlinks. But still backlinks have a vital role in SEO aspect but not as like earlier days now  more importance is given to quality backlinks from well established blogs. There are many methods to get these backlinks from authorized sites and I will give you tips to get backlinks from authorized sites in my later posts. In this post I have discussed some of the best free tools to check backlinks

Free Backlink checking tools

List of Best Free Backlinks checker tools

1)Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is one of the most popular tool for checking backlinks and it is used by many bloggers.  This backlink checker tool can be used to check the quality and quantity of backlinks which is pointing your blog. This tool will show the number of backlinks along with the anchor text and pagerank. Also this tool will show the number of outbound links. In addition you can check whether the link is dofollow or nofollow.

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2)Link Diagnosis

LinkDiagnosis is another great tool to check backlinks for free.  Here there is an option for you to choose if you want to check backlink for a whole site or a single page. This tool work better with firefox having Link Diagnosis extension installed.

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Ahrefs gives its top most performance only with the paid version. Its free version gives quite impressive backlink analysis report only for upto 10 pages along with the respective anchor text report.

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4)Small SEO Backlink Checker tool

This free Small SEO Backlink checker tool gives you free backlink report such as page rank, anchor text and the nature of the link such as dofollow or nofollow .

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5)Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is also one of the great tool to check backlinks. This tool provides a valuable diagnostic report on your backlink profile of your website. This is really a user friendly tool. This tool gives the quality backlink report with the lastest data.

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6)Analyze Backlinks

This backlink checker tool is very easy to use.  It has very simple process and provides options to filter the result such as not repeating the backlinks from the same domain. Other different option can also be used such as filtering backlinks for anchor text, homepage links and outbound links.

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7)Rank Signals

Rank Signals is also an excellent tool to check backlink. This tool can be used to check the total number of backlinks, anchor text and pagerank. Apart from showing backlink report it also shows your current page rank and alexa rank.

Final Words:

So I have discussed some of the best free backlink checker tools. Now its time for you to make use of these tools.  If you use any other free tool for checking backlinks apart from these then kindly feel free to share the same in comment section.

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6 Comments on “Seven Best Free Tools To Check Backlinks”

  1. Hello Vina,

    This was a very informative article. I agree that backlinks may not hold the importance that they once did, but they surely are still important and gives us still some juice as it relates to the search engines and SEO.

    I have been using the free service of Ahrefs, but the free version does have it limitations. You can only get an analysis report for up to ten pages.

    I am surely going to give some of these other tools a look today and see what kind of analysis they I can capture. Thank you for sharing with us today.

  2. Hi vani,

    As we all know that having better backlinks help us to get better ranking. People try their hard to get more quality backlinks which is somehow work. But the main point is how to know about them? You have added man tools in the list which are great in their work. People can check backlinks using such tools.
    Great post indeed.

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