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How To Increase Alexa Backlinks Of A Blog

Alexa is the subsidiary company of Amazon which provides a ranking based on the popularity of the website. Alexa ranking is based on many factors such as traffic of your website, Your frequency of updating content. If you have a low Alexa rank you can increase it gradually by following certain tips which helps you

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tool

Everyone who starts a blog starts with a Motto that they want to be a successful blogger. So if the dream should come true every blog needs organic traffic from Search Engines. Hence to bring lot of organic traffic to your blog you need to optimize your blog for search engines. You need to do

How to Make a Blogger Blog comment dofollow

In my previous post I have discussed about making a wordpress blog comments dofollow. If you have missed my previous post then check this link “How to Make WordPress Blog Comments Dofollow“. Now for Blogspot users I am going to explain on how to make a Blogger blog comment dofollow. If you need to increase your traffic and backlinks

How To Quickly Improve Alexa Ranking of Our Blog

Every Blogger have a desire to improve Alexa ranking so quickly. Improving Alexa Rank under 100000 is one of the top necessity of every blogger as world-wide rank is being provided by Alexa. It is achieved by considering many factors of a blog or a website. In this Blog post I have explained about what

How To Check Dofollow and Nofollow Blog Comment links

If you are serious about blogging then you should know the importance of building links.You should build links to your blogs by generating quality contents to your blog.The best method for link building is to comment on other dofollow blogs.This also helps in getting high pagerank to your blog.Blog Admins should also be cautious enough