Top 10 Blogging Communities To Drive Huge Traffic To Blog

Every blogger who starts a blog aims to get high traffic and we know the value of the traffic and the immense benefits we get from high traffic volume. In order, to be a successful blogger we of course need a high traffic volume without fail. Without high traffic we are not going to succeed in our blogging career but some bloggers lacks traffic to their blogs inspite of possessing many blogposts and promoting them over various social media channels. Here is an awesome tips to get high traffic to your blog through Blogging communities. Yes, Blogging communities can drive you massive traffic if you done it effectively.

What is a Blog Community?

Blog community is a place where you can connect with like-minded persons and find out category wise article you are interested in at a common place. You can share, promote your blogposts and comment on other’s blogpost too. Though there are plenty of blogging communities I have selectively chosen ten blogging communities which help you to get high traffic to your blog. Below you can see top ten blogging communities to drive traffic to your blog.

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Best Blogging communities to Promote Your Blog and Increase Traffic

1)Blog Engage

BlogEngage is a powerful blogging community to increase your blog traffic. This is a premium blogging community with different membership plan. Through Blogging community you can build valuable relationship with other bloggers and you will also get many complementary bonuses for joing the community.


Blokube is also one of the best blogging community to share and promote your blog posts. It has a simple registration process and almost free blogging community.

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Bizsugar is the biggest blog community .It is very easy to join this wonderful blog community. You must share quality blog posts to this community. If your blog topic is too it might be recognized as “made hot” by members which helps you to get more sugars which is nothing but votes. Bizsugar is highly recommended if wish to increase your traffic through blogging communities.

4)Kingged is also one of the important blogging community to increase your traffic. It currently runs a reward system for doing activities in the community like viewing posts, dropping comments etc., BY joining in Kingged Blogging community you will get more referral traffic and comments to your blog.

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Indiblogger is a famous Indian blogging community that unites all Indian bloggers. Through this community you can build relationship with fellow bloggers , promote your blogposts and you can bring traffic to your blogposts.


Klinkk is another best Blogging community to join and build relationship with fellow bloggers. Klinkk consists of many pro and new bloggers. It is very easy to join. As soon as you joined you can do some activities to get many upvotes and later you can promote your blogposts. Klinkk is an awesome community to join.

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Dosplash is another notable blogging community introduced by Jane Sheeba of probloggingsucess  . You can notice many probloggers in this community. But sign up process is bit tricky. You should send a request mail by filling up a sign up form. You should have a quality blog else you will not be accepted.

8) is also a blogging community similar to other blogging community for driving traffic to your blog. If you manage to drive large number of votes for your posts then your blog can strike the front page of the community.


Managewp is a community for wordpress users. Here you can share all stuffs related to wordpress. If you have a wordpress related blog this community works like a charm


Getblogtraffic is another blogging community to get traffic to your blog. You can find many blogposts shared in various categories in this community. Through this blogging community you can network with other bloggers and promote your blog.

Final Words:

Hope I listed out most of the blogging communities . Join these communities immediately and get huge volume of traffic to your blog.

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5 Comments on “Top 10 Blogging Communities To Drive Huge Traffic To Blog”

  1. Hi vani ma’am,

    Thanks for sharing this list. But I would like to add one more community to the list that is Aha-now[dot]com. The members there are really helpful and people do get lots of comments from there. This is my experience.

    Recently, I joined Indiblogger and I am preparing to engage and get some traffic form there.

    Thank you for sharing and have a relaxing Sunday. 🙂

    Rohan Chaubey.

  2. I am using five blogging communities you have mentioned here.

    Managewp is best for WordPress niche bloggers and it is a nice place to learn WordPress also.

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