Top 7 Tricks TO Get Your Google Adsense Approval Quick

If one needs to earn money online everyone’s first thought will be Google Adsense as Adsense is the easy way of making money online if we follow the strategy properly. But google adsense approval these days seems to quite tedious tasks as google rejects many application for adsense. So many loses their hope after getting their website rejected by adsense but still there are other methods to make money online other than adsense. In this post I am going to explain you about how to get approved by adsense quick and easy.

Google adsense approved

Top 6 Tips to get Google Adsense Approval

1)Use a Top-level domain

Google Adsense once approved freely hosted domains but now its not like before and its not approving domains which is freely hosted on Blogspot, WordPress etc., So try to buy a top level domain before applying for adsense

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2)High Quality Posts

Concentrate on creating high quality posts and write indepth article.Google always make sure to approve a website only if it contains quality posts. So make sure your website is content rich and do not copy the article from anywhere instead write your own well researched content.

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3)Improve Pageviews

Concentrate on SEO and do some linkbuilding strategies to improve the pageviews of the blog. Google adsense do not care about the traffic level but still make sure that you atleast get some decent traffic.

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4) Avoid Content which is prohibited

Do not write a prohibited content which include cracking, hacking or any other illegal stuffs. This may inturn lead to account suspension. So avoid using these types of contents.

5)Aboutus, Privacy and Contact us Pages

Make sure that you include About us, Privacy Policy  and contact us pages. Google rejects the website lacking these pages. So make sure that your website has all these pages in advance before applying google adsense

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6)Good Design and Navigation:

Make sure is website is designed well and have a clear navigation enriching good user experience. Google also rejects website where navigation is not good and confuses the user. So make sure that you have a clear navigation.

7)Apply for Adsense

After satisfying the above steps you can now apply for adsense and you can see that your account gets approved by following and fullfiling all the above criteria to your website

Final Words

The above are the method which I followed for google adsense and had my account approved within 3 days. Hence I suggest everyone to follow the above process who are in need to google adsense and let me know the result through comments.

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