Top Ten Essential Features of An Ecommerce Site

There exists many online stores in a wide range that caters for parents, kids, teenage groups etc., Nowadays everybody is tempted to shop online because of time constraint and various necessities. The success of the ecommerce store greatly depends on various features of the site. If you need to start an ecommerce business you need to look on to various factors that you should take care of inorder to do a prominent online business. In general ecommerce webstores are created to focus on online enthusiasts and all the proper necessary steps to be taken in order to convert almost everyone. In this post I have discussed essential features of an Ecommerce website which helps you to convert your customers.

ecommerce features

1)Product Image

Whenever a visitor lands your page the first thing what he see is your product Image. The Product Image incorporated in your site must be very attractive grabing customers attention and it should make the customer to visit your page again. The customer is not going to touch the product unless he buys it. So, you should make the customer comfortable about buying the product by posting a good image product in all angles. You should also have the zoom effect option to help customers to view the minute details or parts of the product.

2)Product Categories

Each product should be properly arranged in a proper category. Your menu should possess main category and sub category too. You sub category should display the relevant products if chosen. Placing the products under appropriate category is easier for the customer to locate the product

3)Page Checkout

The checkout process should be very neat and simple. If you have a lengthy payment process then obviously the customer may abandon your site during the payment  so you should have a simple check out process by making the form fields short in the checkout page . Also try to maintain a single checkout page do not drag that to two to three checkout pages.

4)Product Reviews

Whenever people thinks to buy a product they first search for a review because people believe in other people words. Also, product reviews gives a great impression about the product on the visitor. When a customer is deciding to make a purchase prodcut reviews helps them handy to know about the product and so the customer may purchase it. Positive reviews are the pioneer player among the customers in making decisions to buy a product.

5)Site Navigation

Your E-commerce site navigation should be user friendly and SEO friendly. Categories and subcategories should be properly arranged to help customers to locate and identify the products easily. Call-to-action should be well placed . Also you should take care of layout and design .

6)Search Option

Sometimes your users may be in hurry and they will not be able to locate the product properly through the categories so search option should be available in your website handy for the customers to quickly check out for a desired product what your customer is looking for.

7)Related Products and featured Products

Related products and featured products also a must have features of an e-commerce site. Related and Featured products helps to increase your sales volume . Through related products you can do a cross selling which will help you to increase your revenue and also through related products your customer can look out various others similar products related to his/her search.

8)Discounts or Offers

Whenever people buys anything online or offline they first look out for a offer or discount to save their money. So, you can take that mindset of people into consideration and you can provide reasonable deals or discounts. Definitely providing discounts and offers brings you more sales.

10)Social Media Integration

Social Media buttons should be properly implemented in your product page so that the product can be shared across various social media channels.

Final Words:

The above discussed are the top essential features of an ecommerce site. If I missed out any other point please feel to share the same in comment section.

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