What is the difference between Hosted and Saas(Software-as-a –service) solutions

In recent Era we hear that many technology companies are using the term Hosted and Saas solution. Do we wonder whats really they are?

Here goes my post which discuss about the major difference between Hosted and Saas (Software As A Service) solutions. The major difference between both solutions is that the former one is the product we own and later one is the software we use.

hosted vs saas

To be more clear, let us take a simple example you are renting a car and going out for a trip in this case it comes under Saas(Software as a service) that is the car which you have rented is not yours but you can use the service for a period you have rented. Similarly, you are just signing up for a service for which you no need to take care of maintenance everything will be taken care of your SAAS provider.

In other scenario, suppose if you buy a car you are paying for a product and this is similar to purchasing a software and you host it on other rented server.

Example For A Hosted Solution:

Let us now take other simple scenario, suppose to opt to create a blog and you download wordpress.org and you have full control over its customizations . You set up your blog with wordpress.org and host it on your favourite hosting provider such as hostgator, bluehost etc., This is completely an example for a Hosted solution.

In the above example, you are the responsible person for maintaining the website where you have full control over your data in your database.

Example For A Saas(Software as a service) Solution:

Suppose let us say that if you do not opt for a server you can just use wordpress.com by paying them and your site will be hosted by wordpress itself. In this case you are using the SAAS version of the wordpress.

In the above instance you cannot modify the source code and you cannot move your files to other server. The software is being provided to you by wordpress and you are just taking advantage of the service wordpress offers.

Final Words:

Hope I Explained the difference between the Hosted and Saas(Software as a service) solution to some extent. You can post your comments or views in comment section.

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