Zamato’s Acquisition Of Turkey Based Restaurant Search Service Mekanist

Zamato which is the largest Restaurant discovery service has acquired Turkey based restaurant search service Mekanist. Though the pricing was not disclosed sources say that it was an all-cash deal. This action would lead Zamato to cover more than 50,000 restaurants in turkey region. Though Zamato has launched their service in turkey this acquisition will help to cover even more restaurant than before.


In one of the statement Deepinder Goyal , Founder and CEO of Zomato stated that

We’re excited to be joining forces with them and will continue to grow in one of our important markets, and Mekanist is one of the first and most successful tech startups to emerge from the Turkish startup ecosystem.”



It is believed that both the teams work together in the forthcoming months and the traffic flowing to Mekanist will move to zomato. In addition, the mekanist app user will get redirected to use zomato. Further, Mekanist CEO Ali Servet Ey’boglu stated that with the power of Zamato they would offer dinner  in wider range of restaurants in turkey . As Zamato is using local hypermarket advertising model it is very advantageous to restaurants owners to benefit from Zamato.

Mekanist is the seventh acquisition of Zamato in the past six months. Earlier this month, Zamato also acquired urbanspoon for $52 million and this paved the way for Zamato to enter into US and Australian markets.In addition, Zomato recently also acquired local restaurant services in Newzealand, Poland, Slovakia and Italy. With these acquisitions the value of Zamato would be raised to billion dollars for sure.

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