Instant Approval CPM Adnetworks without any Traffic requirements

Everyone needs to make money with their website. Actually there are plenty of methods to make money from a website. I will discuss each and every method of making money in detail in upcoming posts. In this post let us discuss about making money from CPM Adnetworks. CPM Stands for Cost per unique Impression that is you will get paid for every thousand impression. I have discussed some some instant approval CPM adnetworks that immediately approves your website or blog without any traffic requirements.There are many advertising network rolling out but always no network can beat adsense as this is the evergreen advertising platform. Adsense payment is also high compared to other networks. But  to get approved with Adsense is a bit tough job and a new blog definitely cannot get approved by them easily. Also for some countries including India website should be six months old in order to get approved with Adsense. So am going to discuss here some of the CPM Adnetworks which approves the website instantly without any traffic requirements.

Instant Approval CPM Networks

QADABRA Review 2014

Qadabra Potrays itself as a self serve platform which is created for the sake of publishers who look to earn money through their Website traffic. It is considered to be one of the alternatives of Google Adsense . It has no strict Guidelines and minimum traffic requirement. It is just a three step process where publishers can sign up easily within 10 minutes of time

Qadabra review 2014

Qadabra Pros:

  1. It  has no minimum traffic requirements
  2. Instant Approval of submitted websites
  3. Fill rate is 100%
  4. No limitation for placing the banner on the webpage
  5. Ads are free from malware and redirects
  6. Accepts Free hosted domains like blogspot and others

Qadabra Cons:

  1. eCPM is too low so it will long time to cash out if you do not have enough number of traffic volume
  2. Need to wait for long time for cashout as it pays only net-45.  Review 2014 is also one of the adsense alternatives with no strict guidelines. This is a legit publisher network  which accepts all sites with no any traffic requirements. Their CPM rate is a decent one compared to other new networks. Review 2014 Pros:

  1. There is no traffic approval to join this network
  2. Instant Approval of all submitted websites
  3. Payout is just $1 for paypal
  4. There is no minimum withdrawal  for OKpay  withdrawal
  5. You can check your statistics then and then as live statistics is available
  6. Accepts Free hosted websites also Cons:

  1. No Detailed statistics of your ad impressions and countries where they appeared.
  2. Counts only unique impressions
  3. They count only less impressions compated with Google Analytics data

CPM GO review 2014

CPM GO Publisher network is a Legit networks and it is paying its publishers without any issue. They offer only low ecpm so its best suited only for low traffic websites and not recommended for high traffic websites

cpmgo review 2014

CPM GO Pros:

  1. This Publisher Network has no minimum number of traffic requirements.
  2. Ads are free from malware and redirects
  3. Accepts free hosted websites also
  4. Only $5 minimum payout with Net-7 payment terms

CPM GO Cons:

  1. No detailed statistics about the ad impressions, clicks and unique visits
  2. It’s a combination of CPC and CPM.
  3. If your website does not provide clicks then CPM will be stopped  and they provide only CPC

CPM Leader review 2014

CPM Leader is also one of the good Adsense alternative paying its publishers without any issues. They provide a fixed ecpm rate depending upon the visitors location. It does accept only top level domain and does not accept free hosted blogs or websites.

cpmleader review 2014

CPMLeader Pros:

  1. Fixed CPM rate  depending on the location of the visitor.
  2. Weekly payout with Net7 payment terms
  3. $5 minimum payout
  4. Support system is good. They reply to queries

CPMleader Cons:

  1. Ads contain malware and redirects
  2. Low ecom rate for asian countries
  3. They count only unique impressions

nPlex media review 2014

Another alternative to Google Adsense is nPlexmedia. They are one of the Legit publisher network paying its publishers without any hurdles. Check down its pros and cons

nplex review 2014

nPlexmedia Pros:

  1. It’s a combination of CPM and CPC. So it also pays for clicks.It pays $0.03 for valid clicks
  2. It has 80% fillrate
  3. If your paymet exceeds $1 you can get your withdrawn  as soon as you make a request.It does not take more than a hour
  4. Detailed statistics of report including number of pageviews of a particular day and the country where it appeared
  5. CPM rate is fixed
  6. Accepts free hosted blogs

nPlexmedia Cons:

  1. There is no instant approval need to manually review the website and get accepted. But they will accept all types of websites .
  2. No proper response from support team
  3. Low CPM rate compared to other networks

Concluding Words:

So you got a list of Instant Approval CPM Adnetworks. If you are in search of alternatives of google adsense then try out the above listed Instant approval CPM Adnetworks and they do not have any traffic requirents so that you can get accepted easily.

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